STREAM Clinical Trial in Moldova

On the 21st of December at Glodeni Rayon Council, SMIT organisation, representing STREAM CAB Moldova, within the topic of Strengthening Health Systems for Effective TB and DR-TB Control discussed with the rayon officials and primary health care the importance of clinical trials.

It is well known, that drug resistant TB (DR-TB) affects ½ a million people worldwide and only ½ of those treated are successfully treated. Until recently, treatment for DR-TB was based on very low quality evidence.

Promising new treatment regimens for DR-TB are emerging with better treatment outcomes, shorter, but still including injectable agents and do not yet incorporate new drugs.

Therefore, an urgent need for research is vital to build evidence for better DR-TB regimens. In this context, STREAM, using a randomized control trial design, aims to improve the evidence base for better MDR-TB treatment regimens focusing on shorter all-oral regimens, including new drugs.

In the beginning of the 2017, Moldova has started enrolling DR-TB patients within the STREAM clinical trial, becoming an active participant, contributing to strengthening quality of evidence for better drug resistant treatment regiments.

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