CAB STREAM Moldova: reconciling TB topics for civil society and community representatives

The 26th of December was marked by finale work meeting on developing the Curriculum of TB topics. In the course of the meeting SMIT team, Svetlana Doltu, STREAM Community Engagement Officer and community members agreed with the most important topics that will be approached and discussed during the future STREAM meetings with the representatives of CAB STREAM Moldova which gathers together TB Platform and KAP members The curriculum was developed with the kind assistance of dr. Elena Tudor, representative of IFP “Chiril Draganiuc” and principal investigator of the STREAM clinical trial in Moldova.

The present curriculum reflects the main STREAM community engagement priority interests and general TB topics whichever need to be approached in the context of capacity building of STREAM CAB members.

The Objectives of the curriculum

*To better equip CAB members for their role as partners in TB research by developing a training curriculum;

*Capacity Building as an important instrument in tackling TB knowledge gap by enhancing the capacity of organizations at national, regional and local levels.


Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in most countries in the World Health Organization’s European Region. While good progress has been made in reducing incidence rates of drug-sensitive TB, the rates of drug-resistant TB are among the highest in the world and the average treatment success rate for drug-resistant TB is only 54%.The Republic of Moldova faces a high TB burden and one of the highest incidence rates of drug-resistant TB in the WHO European Region. Moldova’s National Program for TB control (NTP) has made progress in recent years, including reducing the incidence rate of DS-TB by 23% between 2011 and 2015 and ensuring universal access to diagnosis and treatment. It has also collaborated with local and international research initiatives. Republic of Moldova has made significant progress in recent years in addressing these challenges by improving access to rapid diagnostics and medicines, including newer and repurposed ones. In December 2016, Republic of Moldova joined the international research initiative within STREAM clinical trial, whose objective is to build evidence for better MDR-TB regimens. As community engagement is an ethical requirement for a transparent clinical trial, it is important for communities to benefit from the opportunity to learn about MDR-TB and trials, to understand STREAM trial protocol, scientific language thus ensuring the community views about the study are taken into account. Community Engagement as a subject can improve trial results by ensuring study is acceptable to community, giving legitimacy and contributing that the results are translated into policy change.


SMIT, as a patient lead organization, focusing on people-centred approaches in health care contributes to the building of the framework for strengthening the capacity of STREAM CAB members by developing a training curriculum within the meetings of core CAB members and trial staff (CE Officer and Principal Investigator) by late 2018. According to the STREAM activity plan, two trainings for CAB members to improve their understanding of research, TB and STREAM, will be conducted.  Topics included are based on the country community representatives’ areas of interest. The training curriculum includes ethics, human rights, gender aspects of TB, and key topics related to research, tuberculosis and the STREAM trial and is divided in two principal areas: STREAM related topics and General TB topics. The trainings will be conducted during the year 2019.

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