CAB STREAM Moldova gathered on Zero Discrimination Day

On international Zero Discrimination Day, CAB STREAM Moldova members gathered together on a general meeting to discuss most emerging topics in the realm of public health. Thus, Dr. Elena Tudor, Principle Investigator of STREAM clinical trial (IFP „Chiril Draganiuc”), updated civil society on STREAM trial implementation in the Republic of Moldova. Speaking about different options of treatment regiments and its effectiveness to cure TB, it is important to have a comprehensive approach and to take into consideration the new WHO paper on principles of infectiousness in TB (2018), Oxana Rucșineanu, updated us on the importance of people-centered-care. In this regard, ambulatory care could become one of the relevant instrumentarium of this approach. Herewith Dr. Svetlana Doltu, STREAM CE Liaison Officer spoke about ten threats to global health in 2019 (according to WHO) and the ones which are actual for Moldova. Another topic discussed during the meeting was the preliminary findings of the report focused on legal-barriers to access HIV care, presented by Andrei Lungu, IDOM.

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